Xiaomi Mi3 is here in India

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Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi Mi3

For people who have been waiting for this phone here is my 2 cents on this phone

1. Technical Specs : Gr8 .. Mind boggling for the price they offer [rating 5/5]

2. Camera : I use nexus 5 (8 Mp) and Mi3 (13 Mp) looks mediocre in comparison to it. [rating 4/5]

3. UI : The best thing i like about this phone is its UI. MIUI .. gr8. especially the theme feature. [rating 5/5]

4. Light weight and single mould ..

Verdict : Its worth more than its price 

Buy one now.


Dell Venue 8 – Android Tablet

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Dell Tablet

Dell Tablet

Accessories : memory card


My first Quote ..

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2nd Innings ..

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thinking of returning to blogging on random things .. let see how long this innings last ..


Earn Revenue by Domain Parking

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Recently read a blog about how to earn revenue using domain parking. So thought of why not try the luck in this also. Bought 10 domains under a few categories like

Music Category

Finance Category

Sports Category

Have also parked them and pointed it to NameDrive parking servers. Also will set it up for auction after a few days. You can buys domains using sites like godaddy.com.

Note: If any of you need any of the above domains you can get it from me for Rs. 50K or [1000 USD]. :)

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Busy blogger

Posted by Pankaj on Dec 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Don’t go by the title. I’m no where near to a busy blogger. Its been a year since i blogged. And this year has been one of my best as i got into a wedlock and there on have been busy totaly in personal realtionship that i was not able to contribute to my blog.

I hope i will start bloging again very soon with all the movies i watch and whatever sounds me interesting. So stay tuned to read my bakwaas.


Yet another blog and blogger …

Posted by Pankaj on Oct 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

All big names have started blogging (Big B, Aamir …), then  why  should i stay back?  So, i installed wordpress on my site and started blogging right away. But now what should i blog? this question keeps rolling in my mind everytime. Shailesh advises – blog anything or hire a person to  blog for u. I told him “i’ll start blogging and write reviews about the movies i watch weekly“. on an average, i see a couple of movies every week. Y not comment on them to begin with and then decide what to blog.

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