Luck By Chance – Farhan gets lucky again

Posted by Pankaj on Jan 31, 2009 in Movie Reviews |

Cast: Farhan Akthar, Konkana Sen Sharma, Rishi kapoor, Dimple kapadia, Juhi Chawala, Sanjay Kapoor, Isha Sharwani, Hrithik roshan, Saurabh shukala, a bunch of superstars as guest appearances.

First a big hand to Zoya akhtar for making a good debut directional movie. Right from the begining of the movie from where the credits star the mood of movie is set in perfect bollywood picture. You meet all people involved in making a movie successfull. Bollywood isn’t that beautiful behind the scenes. 

The movie is primarily about farhan and konkana pursuing their dreams of becoming stars of this industry. Movie has a good combination of humour attached with screenplay. It does show a the dark side of bollywood where you become selfish and use your friends & well wishers to climb up the ladder. In this movie you’ll see many familiar faces of bollywood making a guest apperances just to give the movie the perfect scene of making it feel a perfect bollywood. Even thou all have small roles they do it perfectly well to give the audience the taste of bollywood.

There are few emotional scenes like Rishi kapoor breaking down when Stars made by him turn down his phone calls, or the one where dimple kapadia confess to her daughther about her age 16 in bollywood. 

Its a simple story with a good screenplay and good star cast. Go watch this movie. Its not that great but still worth watching a different genre of bollywood movies. Would rate it 3 out of 5. So Farhan akthar get lucky again with another hit on his cards.

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