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Posted by Pankaj on Feb 18, 2010 in Movie Reviews

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“Paa” – Its about Maa

Posted by Pankaj on Dec 8, 2009 in Movie Reviews

Do not go by the tv promotions or the tag line of the movie. This movie is all about a mother-son relationship. I missed the first 15-20 mins of the movie. Here is my review on the rest of the movie.

Many of you would have hated the look of amitabh bachchan but it was not the same with me. He has done a great job in Paa. 4hrs to put on the make up and 1 hr to remove it. How much patience can u expect from a 65 yr old actor. He gets into the character as always and does what ever it takes to deliver it beĀ  it voice modulation like a child.

Paa is a story of how a single mother brings up her child who is affected by a disease called progeria (a medical condition that accelerates the ageing process). Vidya (Vidya balan) plays mother of Auro (Amitabh bachchan) who had an affair with Amol arthe (Abishiek bachchan).

Our country needs the new generation politician like Amol arthe. The way he hits back media on land contraversy. The movie is good heart felt movie. Ilayaraja excels as always with a soothie background score. PC sriram is best at what he can do.

The movie is great and i appricieate the fact how indian cinemas has involoved. This movie is far better than the brainless-plotless comedy entertainers. But i’m afraid this movie will not be apprieciated by the masses.

I go 3 out of 5 for this and probably i’ll watch another time just for those first few minutes.

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