India Elections 2014

Posted by Pankaj on May 16, 2014 in politics

Looks like the verdict is out. Modi/BJP lives upto the HYPE and converts the hype into votes and looks to be the next prime minister as the numbers suggest. Will he deliver or not only time will tell. But here are a few things i want in my country

1. Education

Why aren’t we investing in education. We keep giving freebies, gadgets, food grains, etc in elections. Why dont we make education free. I think everyone should be educated regardless of caste, race and religion. If we invest in education today in next 20 years we will see a better india. People will have their own opinion rather than being brain washed by fake leader in name of caste and religion.

2. Healthcare

In india insurance for motor vehicles is must. But why don’t we make insurance mandatory for human life. Why are we not giving importance to health insurance and life insurance. it shows how much we value human life to that of a motor vehicle.

3. Transparency & Accountability

There has to be accountability and transparency both at highest and lowest level of government. Laws are there. Its just that it has to be implemented.

4. Taxes

We all should pay our taxes. Without paying our taxes and expecting development to happen is wrong. No miracle will happen unless you do your duty.

Will continue on this topic in further blog posts.

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