“Heroes” – has a few zeros in it …

Posted by Pankaj on Oct 26, 2008 in Movie Reviews

Cast : Salman Khan, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Mithun Chakraborty, Preity Zinta, Sohail Khan, Dino Morea, Vatsal Seth

The movie starts with a 5 min clip of Mohnish behl interviewing 3 soldiers b4 they go into the Kargil war. Where he collects their last letters. All 3 become shaheed in the war and mohnish bhel keeps those letters rather than posting them.

Then after 3 yrs thats when the story begins. The movie is about two friends (Sohail and Vatsal) who have not found the reason of their existence. They are trying to complete their gradation so that they get their visa to America. But their princepal (Tinu verma) tells them to make a small movie for them to get graduated. There is a lot of ill-logical things happening in the movie. You have to bear with those.
So these 2 decide to make a movie on ‘Why you shouldn’t join the indian army’. The good part about sohail khan in the movie is his nick name ‘SAAND’ meaning OX and Vathal seth is called ‘Nawaab’. Both of them come in touch with Mohinsh bhel to get his experience as a war journalist. He gives them those 3 letters and tells them to delvier to those address and make their documentry.
Letter 1 : Balkar singh (Salman khan) to his wife Kuljit (Prity zinta)
Letter 2 : DJ (Bobby deol) to his brother AJ (sunny deol)
Letter 3 : Sahil (Dino) to his parents (Mitun )
The story evolves around the sentiments and patiriosm of these shaheed soldiers and thier family.  While shooting (documentary film) SAAND and NAWAAB realiase how much ‘GARV’ is involved in being an Indian and contributing to your country in some means. 
Except for Salman’s story the rest two were bakwaas and with full of faulty scripts. The director & producer could have chosen better actors rather than these big names. The movie could have been made far better having such a decent script and theme in it.

The zeros :

  • All songs except for ‘Mannata‘ should have been striped out of the movie to make the script sensible and better. Also it would have cut down the movie by 20 odd mins.
  • Sunny deol might be Dharmendar’s son but how can guy fight with 15-20 gudas when he has lost his legs in air force jet crash and needs the support of the wheel chair.
  • Amrita arora and riya sen were not at all need for the movie .. they were there to just add some spice in the movie, which they failed to do so.
  • Salman khan eyes should always be covered by goggles .. as he looks drunked all time ..
I go with 2 out of 5 as rating for it. Watch it only if you could bear a few ill-logical things and have no other option over the weekend.

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